dpeli Jan/ 21/ 2017 | 0

If you were to pick the top attraction in the entire state of Tennessee, what would it be? Maybe you would say Dollywood, or perhaps you’re thinking it would be Graceland. If you’ve never traveled to TN, you might not have a clue. As you plan out your travels, especially if you’re exploring the entire state of TN, you want to discover the top rated attractions. We have discovered them for you, so get that itinerary ready based on these suggestions.

It’s not Dollywood or Graceland that come in at #1, although they are top attractions in TN. The #1 attraction is the Sugarlands Distilling Company in Gatlinburg. Are you ready for your moonshine and apple pie? Tennessee has long been known for its moonshine, and this is where you get your taste, albeit legally.

Memphis features the next top ranked attraction, but again, it’s not Graceland. It is the National Civil Rights Museum. Reviewers talk highly of the place and the tour that is offered. The third attraction on the list is also in Memphis, and it is Sun Studio. Take a guided tour and learn about all the rock and roll greats and other pieces of music history.

Whether you have been to TN or not, this next attraction certainly rings a bell. Would you like to visit the Grand Ole Opry? If you visit TN, you have to explore Nashville, and you absolutely have to stop by the Grand Ole Opry to see what’s going on there. While you’re in Nashville, you can also check out the next top ranked attraction, which is Ryman Auditorium.

The Lotz House Museum in Franklin is up next on the list, and then you have Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. There are three more attractions before you even get to Graceland, and then there are hundreds, if not thousands, more. You better plan on spending some significant time in TN so you can visit all of these great attractions.

Another spot in Nashville to visit is the Country Music Hall of Fame. There are other moonshine attractions, too. Have you heard of Pigeon Forge? This city keeps coming up in the list of top things to do in Tennessee as well. If it were me, I would start in Nashville, which is in the center of the state, and then I would venture out from there to see the rest.