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What do you picture when you think of Tennessee? A lot of people think of Nashville and the music that comes out of it. Other people think of the Civil War. This state was in a interesting position during this war. It furnished a large number of soldiers for the confederate army, but it also furnished more soldiers for the union army then other state in the confederacy.

There are a lot of different things that are associated with Tennessee, which is why it can be a great place to spend your time. If you’re going to be in this state, here are a few things you will want to look into.


Obviously, you are going to have to eat while you are in this state. However, you should give a lot of thought to the restaurants that you choose to dine at. You should try to eat at places that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy back home.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one type of cuisine; there are actually all kinds of meals that you can find here. What matter is that you visit restaurants that are well-reviewed.

Historical Sites

If you are a history buff, then you are definitely going to want to make a point of checking out some of the state’s historical attractions. From museums to the sites of important battles, you will be able to see a lot.

The sights that you’ll be able to see will largely depend on the part of Tennessee that you will be staying in. See what you can find around you.

Live Music

Whether you’re in town on a weekday or a weekend, you’ll be able to check out all kinds of live music. There are so many bands in this area, and a lot of them are extremely talented.

Whether you’re a fan of rock, bluegrass, or jazz, you’ll be able to find live music that is to your liking. A lot of restaurants make a point of booking local bands for entertainment.

If you are going to be staying in this state, you will want to take advantage of it. Plan out some of the things that you would like to do while you are here. Don’t spend all of your time in a hotel room! Get out and enjoy the sights. This is an amazing state, and you won’t be bored here.