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Cabin rentals in the area around they Smokey Mountains in Tennessee are incredibly popular. Countless property owners in the area rent out their cabins to vacationers, giving them a chance to experience the beauty of this part of the country firsthand. If you are thinking about renting one of these cabins, you should ask these important questions before deciding which one to book:

Q: How easy is the cabin to access?

Some cabins are easily accessible by major roads whereas others are a bit more remote. Unless you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle, you need to make sure that the roads to the cabin are relatively easy to drive on. This is especially important if you are planning your visit during a time of year when the weather may not be cooperative.

Q: How private is the cabin?

Typically, when you think about a cabin in the woods, you probably picture an isolated building with no nearby neighbors. There are some cabin rentals, however, where this is definitely not the case. Sometimes the cabins that are for rent are located in communities with a lot of other cabins. You may find that you have a next-door neighbor much like you would if you were staying in a house in the city. If you are looking for something a bit more private, make sure that you choose an isolated cabin.

Q: What amenities are nearby?

At the very least, the cabin should have basic resources nearby such as a grocery store and a gas station. Depending on your plans for your visit, you also may want to make sure that it is located close to things that you want to do while you are in the area. For instance, if you want to go mountain biking, check to see if there are any biking trails nearby.

Q: How much will it cost to stay there?

In most cases, you can find the rental rate for the property listed online. However, there may be additional fees that you need to be aware of. Always contact the property manager to find out if you are responsible for fees such as a cleaning deposit or insurance before you book your trip.

Finding out the answers to all of these questions before you rent a cabin in Tennessee is the best way to improve your chances of discovering a great place to stay that meets or exceeds all of your expectations.