The first question that comes into mind, when thinking of renting or purchasing Decatur GA Apartments is, whether to rent or purchase the apartment furnished or unfurnished.  This is also the dilemma in the mind of the owner; he has to choose whether to furnish the apartment or leave this job to the tenant or buyer.

A recent study was conducted on parties, and the apartment types that were focused on were the studio, one and two bedroom apartments.

One Bed Room Apartment

This type was the most preferred option for singles and couples without children. Three things need to be filled, bedroom, living room, and the kitchen. Most of the advertisements detailing this type were unfurnished.

Bed Room

For those on a tight budget filling, the bedroom means a bed, a wardrobe and there could be a side table. These things can be quite cheap to buy. But for those mid-range shoppers who prefer quality in sleeping, they might go for a relatively expensive mattress or pillow, etc.

Living Room

Most people would be satisfied with a place to sit, a TV and a table for coffee. A dining table is not a requirement for everyone, but some mid-rangers might prefer to have it. Extra rugs, mats, and art to decorate will not cost a lot but there is a whole variety of couch and TV, and one can easily go out of budget if excessive luxuries are chosen in these areas.


The normal appliances include a stove, a fridge, and a washing machine. Then there are many small appliances and pots, silver wares and glasses are necessary for living, and the kitchen has to be filled with the basic accessories.

So, a one-bed apartment can be furnished for a good budget of 5000-6000 USD. While for a mid-range person it can reach to 15000-20000 USD.

Two Bed Apartments

There is normally one extra bedroom in this Decatur GA Apartments type. People tend be spend more on the main bed and a little lesson the second bed. The second bed is normally reserved for a child, maid or guests. A bed and a wardrobe are the typical furnishings for this second space. Rest of the apartment has the same style and furnishings as the first apartment type.

The bill will also be almost the same for furnishing a two-bed apartment. There will be a small additional cost for the second space.

For a budget shopper, it could cost around 5500-6500 USD while for a mid-range person it can reach to 18000-25000 USD.

Studio Apartment

This is the most preferred choice of a budget shopper. Required furnishings can include a bed, couch, a wardrobe, and TV and kitchen appliances.

For a tight budget, this apartment can be filled with a budget of around 3300-4000 USD while for a mid-range person the cost can reach to 6000-7000 USD.

For all apartment types, a cost of basic furnishings are included above but the list can be endless if, for example, dust bins, curtains, lighting, etc. are included. It all depends on the budget of the purchaser or the owner.

The apartments for rent in Decatur are the amazing place to live in. These luxurious Decatur GA Apartments are well maintained to live comfortably.  All type of apartments, one bedroom, two bedrooms or three bedrooms, are available according to the need and affordability of the customer.

Decatur GA Apartments are designed by taking care of every type of needs and desires of a valuable customer. One can enjoy the beautiful views of nature by watching out from galleries attached to every floor. To enjoy a fresh feeling you just need to spend some time on your balcony if you are living in a Decatur apartment.

Rooms are also spacious and properly ventilated. You can easily adjust your luggage as per your convenience. The kitchen and bathrooms are equipped with almost every facility. There is no need to bring extra heavy luggage from home. Most important thing is the rooms are wheelchair accessible, so this place is suitable to live even for a physically disable person. Living in Decatur apartments is a feel of living like in home.

The unique thing about these apartments is your pets can also live with you. For this, you just need to pay some nominal charges and to obey some jejune rules. If you have a great affection for your pets, and you can’t live without them then no need to worry. This is the right place where you can shift with your loving pets.

In these apartments, there are pools, fitness centers and clubhouses for your convenience with Wi-Fi facility. Fireplaces are also designed to enjoy the bonfire.  All these public places are well equipped with safety instruments. You can manage as per your schedule to take the benefits of these facilities.

If a person is willing to shift in Decatur apartments, he or she can also check online the availability of various accommodations and also can compare prices of different flats. If the rent of these apartments is unaffordable for you, then you have one more option. You can also search online for the roommate. There are some websites which include, and and many more. You can also view the images of various apartments online and also track the location of these apartments online.

These apartments are well connected with schools, colleges, and hospitals. Markets for daily needs and shopping complexes are also available. This place is useful for business professionals as well as for students also. Peoples of different countries and cultures are living hair with great comfort.

Decatur apartments have a sufficient place for kids and players. Playgrounds and parks for morning and evening walk are also attracting people to come and live here. In these places, people meet each other and interact to share their views.

The security of these apartments is a major concern. Security of the people residing in these apartments is handled with great care. A smoke-free environment is also an extra feature of these apartments. All these features make it a great place to live.

Decatur is a small city located in Georgia, just 5 miles northeast of Atlanta. This city, named after US naval hero Stephen Decatur, was founded in 1823 and has become a favorite of single professionals, young couples and families thanks to its strong schools, low crime rate, and beautiful apartments. With a population under 20,000, a size of 4 square miles and its business district located near Atlanta neighborhoods, it has become one of the very few cities to combine small town living with big city success.

Decatur GA Apartments have become a staple for those looking to settle down in a quiet, relaxing environment without having to drive 3 hours away to have a bit of fun. The city life of Atlanta is only a 20-minute drive away. Decatur’s nightlife feeds off the many attractions in nearby Atlanta, which was ranked #3 on Forbes Top Cities For Singles list of 2004. Nearby Athens, home of the University of Georgia, is another popular spot loaded with a varied assortment of bars and clubs. So, no matter what your mood, you’ll always find something to do nearby.

Decatur Culture

People who live in Decatur GA Apartments don’t have to leave the city to find entertainment. For a small city, Decatur has more than its fair share of culture. Neighborhood Playhouse is a community theater that has, for more than 25 years, entertained people of all tastes with its widely successful comedy and drama productions. Its culture has also had an effect on the people, producing notable musicians such as Amy Ray and Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls and Michael Stipe of REM.

Decatur Sports and Leisure

Sports fanatics would have an amazing time in Decatur as it is near Atlanta, which is practically the home of sporting events hosting countless sporting events featuring big-league teams such as the NBA’s Hawks or the NHL’s Thrashers who play countless home games in Atlanta’s very own Philips Arena. Local big-league teams also practice daily at the city’s various stadiums. Baseball’s Atlanta Braves play south of downtown at 50,000-seat Turner Field while the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons play at 71,000-seat Georgia Dome. The city’s Atlanta Motor Speedway is one of the largest and oldest in the country and plays host to two NASCAR Busch and Nextel Cup races each year. For the hands-on adventures, popular recreational activities include rafting on the scenic Chattooga River, camping at Stone Mountain Park Campground and golfing on the area’s many courses.

Moving to Decatur

Decatur is a progressive city in the state of Georgia that has a high civic involvement level among residents. In case you want to transfer to Decatur city, you will be made to feel at your home so fast. The government in Decatur provides the City with 101 classes regularly, and everybody is highly welcomed to join. These classes contains presentations from department managers, a tour of buildings in the city government and a citywide scavenger hunt.

What would it be like to live in the city dubbed as the New York of Georgia?  The word you are looking for is expensive.  For a city with a high population of 19,335 and growing, the greatest problem faced by people moving to the city is that of renting an apartment, while buying an apartment in the city is out of the question for an average person.

Rising prices and rising population

With various realty groups establishing their stronghold in the city, the price per square meter has increased to a staggering high value, one of the highest in the country. The demand never ceases as an increasing number of people from all over the country move to Decatur city searching for the “big city life”.

The only other option available to a common man is to look and find an apartment in the suburbs. But this does no justice since the money spent traveling to the city on a daily basis compensates these costs.

The rise in the prices for renting out space in Decatur has also been because of the transformation the city has undergone over the last decade.

The city, which began as a haven for people looking for jobs outside their homes, has grown drastically with people from across the world moving into the city.

To accommodate the rising number of expats moving to the city, developers from across the globe have come together to build new luxury Decatur GA Apartments. One such goliath is the World One Tower, which has a starting price tag of a whopping 1.4 million pounds.

The development of such apartments has caught the eyes of many looking for a posh second home in Georgia.

The great divide

The fast moving city has contributed immensely to the country’s growth with the growing realty market. But we would also have to address the elephant in the room- the rising slum population.

With people from towns and villages moving into the city daily looking for jobs, and with prices for Decatur GA Apartments skyrocketing, the chance of finding decent accommodation for such people have dropped drastically, resulting in the growth of the slums.

Decatur houses one of the largest slums in the world in Georgia. These slums house about seven hundred thousand to a million people living in about 217 hectares of land.

But these slums have in no way deterred the growth of the city, which brings about the blatant divide among the people living in the same city.

Thus, with the growing population in the city, the city that never sleeps is also growing, expanding its territories and accommodating an increasing number of people. But how much longer will the city hold on before the bubble bursts? Only time will tell us.

But all said and done, the city has always welcomed people with open arms, and living in this city is something everyone must experience at least once in their lifetime.